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Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQs and Support

What do we cover?

ZurePro warranty covers your essential electronic gadgets that faces malfunction due to certain reasons. We will cover any repair costs if your insured item suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown during normal use. Examples of breakdowns covered include electronic failures, motherboard issues, power port malfunctions etc.

How can I File a Claim?

Filing a claim is quite simple and we have made the process user friendly. You can file your warranty claim through “My Zurepro” and then “File a claim”. Following the steps accordingly will help to file the claim without any hassle. If you need any personal assistance to file a claim, you can reach us at help@zurepro.com

How soon the Coverage will commence?

The product coverage starts immediately with your manufacturer's warranty and our service protects your investment for the extended warranty period mentioned. You will be notified the duration, the start time and the end time of your warranty.

Any Proof of Purchase Required?

Yes, to claim your warranty, you are required to provide the copy of purchased item receipt. You can perform the receipt sending process by clicking on “My ZurePro” menu. Once received, you’ll be updated about the confirmation. The electronic copy of the product receipt will be stored in your warranty claim.

Where will be the Item Fixed?

Your items will be fixed at an authorized service center. We have a very developed authorized service centre with expert technicians.

What if the item is still under Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Your item will be first covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, ZurePro will provide service protection for the item for an extended warranty.

Do Used Items are being covered?

ZurePro does not cover used items from retail stores.  We also do not cover any items purchased from classified ads, classifieds websites or other person-to-person sales. 

What ZurePro warranty does not cover?

We will not cover the following:

  • Physical damage, like scratches, cracks, spillage, burn, and breakage of house or glass, LCD panel and Digitizer
  • Products that do not carry an ZurePro Warranty
  • Product(s) with removed or altered serial numbers or product with no IMEI/UEI number
  • Loss due to act of God, Fire, Act of Violence, Stolen, Lost, or any similar occurrences
  • Accessories like battery, charger, hands free, memory card, SIM/UIM card, data cable etc.
  • Loss takes place during Software upgrade or installation of third party applications or Virus etc.
  • Any product fraudulently described or misrepresented by you.