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How Zurepro Warranty Works
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How does it work?

ZurePro provides extended warranties and different coverage plans for mobiles and tablets. The length of the coverage may vary from certain years of plan, depending on the condition of the product. There is no limitation for brands; ZurePro has extended warranty claim plans for every brand available in market. This certainly will give a reason to go-ahead with the coverage plans offered by the company. Company has already tied up with number of authorized service centres in multiple cities to repair the product, also depending on the size and severity of the damage. The coverage or the claim can be only filed if the manufacturer’s warranty comes to end. However, the entire claim service will be on first hand products.

How to buy a warranty?

The entire process of claiming warranty for the gadget is hassle free. The Process includes:

  • Selecting the device or the price range for your device from ’Search your Plan’
  • Choosing the appropriate plan for your mobile or tablet
  • Then filling the device details:
    a) Device IMEI No.
    b) Bill No./Invoice No.
    c) Purchased from i.e. the third party website from which the item has been purchased (eg: ebay, flipkart, snapdeal etc.)
    d) You will be required to upload the invoice/bill of the purchased device
    e) Purchase Date of your device
  • Adding the product into shopping cart and purchase the warranty by clicking ‘Lets Purchase’
  • You will be notified by an email about the start time and the end time of the warranty
  • For each device you will be provided a warranty ID which can be viewed on our dashboard

How to claim a warranty?

Filing a claim is quite simple and we have made the process user friendly.

  • You can file your warranty claim through “My Zurepro” and then “File a claim”
  • Or you can go directly to the dashboard in order to file your claim the device
  • Some details are required during filing the claim:
  • Select the problem identified
  • Schedule a pick up for your device with date and time slot
  • Select the address for the pick up
  • Then you can ‘Submit your Claim’
  • ZurePro will arrange a pick and drop for your device from the above mentioned address, and the device will be repaired and delivered within 7 working days.

For further assistance kindly reach us at help@zurepro.com